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Autumn Term 2023

The children have enjoyed lots of activities this term. We have explored Forest School, used tools to look more closely at the world around us and had fun rolling down hills!

We have done several cooking activities, making and decorating cakes for our snack, as well as helping to bake Pudsey Bear biscuits for Children in Need.

We have encouraged the children to develop their writing and counting skills by mark making in different forms, such as painting, or using flour and looking at the patterns made.  We have played dominioes to help recognise number and look for patterns.

Sensory play with the Babies include sensory balls, slinkies and encouraging them to touch and experience different materials. The older children have played with homemade, scented playdough, coloured spaghetti, water and large sensory balls, using tools and their hands to experience the sights, feelings, smells of various materials.

We talked about the importance of Remembrance Sunday and the children made a wreath to honour those in service to peace.  We walked down to the church in the village to lay the wreath and a cross to take part in the events.

Of course, the climax of our Autumn Term was our Christmas celebrations. We had lots of glitter and fun doing lots of different activities. We decorated our tree, and put up our homemade reindeer decorations so they could fly around the hall, keeping an eye out for Father Christmas! We held our annual Christmas Party Day on 20th December... we started by the children performing a reading of Jesus' Christmas Party in full costume. This was followed by a frosty walk around the village while the Harvey Bears elves did a quick change and set up for our Christmas lunch... the children enjoyed a lovely dinner with sausages, roast and mash potatoes and a selection of healthy vegetables. We had a visit from a very special Father Christmas, who handed out gifts to the children. All in all, the day was a big success, thanks to our wonderfully behaved children and with the help from all of the elves and staff at Harvey Bears.

The staff and children were ready for relaxing break, before we start our big adventures again in January. We can't wait to update you all on all the fun and games in 2024! 

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