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Our Values


Flexible approach

To offer a flexible environment and ever-adapting range of activities to cater to the needs of the individual child including child-led play as well as their physical, emotional or educational development needs. To make places available on a flexible basis where possible adapting to the requirements of families.


Safe, happy and secure

Caring for children with a home-from-home ethos, ensuring that all safeguarding needs are met and procedures are in place (and followed) to maintain safety standards. All actions place the interests, safety and happiness of the child as paramount. Every child is listened to.


Nurturing family environment

A warm, caring, trusted home-from-home environment where children and parents alike can feel at ease, settled and comfortable. Parents routines, care plans and wishes will be accommodated. Cuddles are openly given when needed and with permission. Instilling good manners and family values with lots of smiles and encouragement for healthy personal development. We get to know each child and their families well, with the keyworker being chosen naturally by the child themselves.


Individuality and acceptance

Every child and staff team member is important and matters. We welcome richness of diversity and choose activities where each child can be happy. We care for each child individually according to the wishes of the family. We are open to people of all cultures, abilities and genders without prejudice and support everyone wherever we can. We play an active part in the wider Harvington community. Providing different learning experiences every day through play and reacting to individual requests for specific toys or activities. 

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